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RTFOW 7/17: Thienodiazepines

The subject of this week’s Random Tox Fact of the Week (RTFOW) is Thienodiazepines, which are benzodiazepine analogs. Essentially, the benzene ring of the benzodiazepine class has been substituted for a triazolo moiety. Etizolam is the most readily available thienodiazepine. See structures below. A cursory review of the literature indicates that etizolam may have an equipotent pharmacodynamic effect to alprazolam

Many are unscheduled by the DEA and are readily available over the internet. For the curious: here is one place to get tablets. https://www.etizolab.com/product/etilaam/

AND here is one place to get powder: https://www.chemicalfrog.com/product/etizolam/ 

You can get 1 kg of powder for approximately 10,000 $USD. 1 kg has 1,000,000 single mg doses. If pressed and sold “xanny bars” on the street, only 1 kg would have a street value to 2 to 5 million $USD. Just food for thought: perhaps these need to be regulated and schedule in the US, and maybe we should be looking for these substances in seized counterfeit pharmaceuticals.



images are public domain