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EtOH dose estimator

I have been tinkering around with some dose calculators, my own code of course!

input measured serum etoh and body weight, the output will be approximate to the dose if the patient had taken a 1 time chug of etoh and ended up in your ED. Derivations are also available below for your own education.


now converting for units, here is the full equation resulting in g of EtOH


So, say now we have a patient with a toxic alcohol ingestions and no fomepizole is available. We need to get them drunk!

Modifying the previous equation we get:


Inputting pt weight and the concentration of alcohol you have available (0.01-1) will give you appropriate loading dose.

I plan to expand this to include steady state elimination over a number of hours so that you can calculate estimated times of metabolization, allowing for redosing if appropriate.


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