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Toxicology 1 for Emergency Physicians

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Toxicology 1 is an online course designed to provide critical knowledge of medical toxicology to emergency physicians. Toxicology 1 is multimedia based and you can expect to see a variety of text, lectures, images, videos, links to other content elsewhere on the internet, and interactive content in the form of test questions. Like many other medical education providers, the test questions will provide immediate feedback.

The ultimate goal of toxicology 1 is to demystify our obscure field and empower providers to feel more comfortable initiating therapy. Of course, you should consult your institution’s medical toxicology service or local poison center for poisoned patients because management can be nuanced on a case by case basis. However, many interventions such as GI decontamination are time sensitive, so knowing clear cut indications is important for any emergency physician.

Throughout the course we will try to cover all the details necessary for the American Board of Emergency Medicine board certification written exam. This content will also be periodically updated as feedback rolls in.

Comments are open to registered users. When questions are asked, they will be answered. Furthermore, this dialog between the toxicologist and the emergency physician learner will provide others with insight into the thought processes of the toxicologist. That being said, keep the comment section strictly professional.

The final activity is a “journal club” article which will have some associated talking points and brief quiz.

This should be completed prior to “Toxicology 2”.

[note: if you stumble upon here, the course is under construction]